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Our company is a living highly organized system focused on the effective implementation of the most audacious designs and search for quick solutions for market challenges
Vladimir Chuykov
Vladimir Chuykov

Сhairman of the Board of Directors of the Gotek Group

The modern market is developing rapidly, both in terms of technology and communications. Recently, the role of communications has significantly increased and it requires greater consideration. The lack of multi-level interaction with the customer can no longer be compensated neither by the use of high-technology equipment in the production, nor by the perfect service. We are entering an era in which the psychology of business communication plays an increasingly greater role, and which can have a real, not just an abstract, impact on the time needed for the development of new prototypes, as well as on the speed of implementation of the packaging solutions. In this regard, we believe that it is necessary to fundamentally change, extend and renew customer relationships.

What are the new forms of interaction for us? It is a global transformation of the entire culture of relations focused on understanding the requirements, anticipating the expectations and addressing the needs of the customer company at all levels - from employees to management and shareholders of the company. The new forms of interaction enable us to obtain multi-level, aggregated and balanced information, the analysis of which helps us to provide our customers with a packaging solution that meets their expectations - a kind of dream product.