Great things are accomplished through series of small things brought together, this is why we are convinced that sustainable development of a company, a city or entire country begins with individuals, with their responsible behavior at work, in the family and in society.

We believe in the power of "small steps", which enable us to achieve a lot in any field of activity. Therefore, gradually covering all aspects of the company's activities, its interaction with the environment, customers and communities in the regions of operation, we do our best to change the mindset of our employees, their attitudes towards life and business. We achieve more by taking care of the future and making the people around us happier. Isn't this the goal of sustainable development for any company?

The following areas are the top priorities for our company.

Environmental responsibility
Social responsibility
Occupational health and safety

In designing our packaging, we are conscious of the damage it can cause to the environment, so the company is committed to responsible design, production and sustainable consumption of resources. This is how we help our customers to achieve their sustainability goals in a cost-effective way.

Responsible packaging design and production

Our engineers aim at creating a functionally balanced packaging solution with less iteration. By carrying out a detailed functional analysis of customer's packaging, we save time and resources at the design stage: fewer trips, fewer lay-outs and tests. Wherever it is possible and reasonable, recycled raw materials are used, while reducing waste from own production facilities and recycling everything that can be recycled.

Minimum possible environmental impact of our packaging

Gotek Group develops the infrastructure that enables us to ascertain that exactly the right amount of material to produce the packaging solution is used, to ensure safety and security of the packaged product through its entire life cycle. The design and testing tools enable the simulation and visualization of various parameters of the future solution, ensuring optimal material consumption with due regard to the most severe packaging applications.

Efficiency based on the principles of sustainable development

In addition to reducing the direct environmental impact of packaging in the form of waste, we are seeking ways to improve our customers' operational efficiency, thereby reducing the indirect adverse impact. With optimized packaging solutions, we can reduce the number of delivery trucks, minimize the storage area and improve the throughput of the packaging machines. All of these positively contribute to reducing the carbon footprint associated with the use of packaging.

The company's social involvement largely determines its success. We are open to dialogue with all the people who come into contact with the activities of Gotek Group in various ways: employees and their families, our customers and suppliers’ staff, members of the public and other social groups. We are committed to achieving uniform understanding and adoption of values consistent with the principles of sustainable development.

Involvement in continuous improvement

Employees involved in continuous improvement enable the company to achieve greater things. Therefore, employees of the enterprises of the Group have the opportunity to improve their competencies and skills required both for achieving high company goals and for personal career growth. Employees regularly undergo internal corporate training conducted by the company's and external coaches. The company provides everyone, who wants to advance their careers or change their field of activity, with opportunities to obtain higher education in their field.

Support for employees and social initiatives

Gotek strives to ensure that the lives of employees are vibrant not only during their working hours. Within the framework of the collective employment agreement, the company provides support to its employees and their family members, including production veterans. The company encourages healthy lifestyles, providing opportunities for both employees and their children to engage in sports, and supporting sports teams and clubs. We organize various events, competitions and contests for our employees. Besides, we arrange different events for the residents of the town of Zheleznogorsk, Kursk region, where our main production site is located, and where the two-thirds of our employees work.

Ethical treatment of all social groups

We respect the opinions and characteristics of all people involved with the company and base our interactions on business conduct standards. We are committed to ensuring that ethical behavior is uniform and is demonstrated on daily basis as part of our regular operations.

The main goal of Gotek Group in occupational health and safety is to develop sustainable safe behaviors in the workplace aimed at preserving the lives, health and performance of employees for many years to come. We are developing a health and safety management system that enables us to proactively solve safety issues in the workplace.

Continuous improvement of the occupational safety management system

Our goal is to minimize the risks of accidents at the workplaces of the Gotek Group’s enterprises. In order to assess the situation objectively, the company regularly monitors and evaluates working conditions for compliance with legislative and other requirements applicable to occupational safety risks. The monitoring results are used to take timely preventive and corrective actions.

Safe occupational environment

To enhance the occupational safety, our company prioritizes the prevention of accidents, incidents and occupational diseases in the course of planning all activities and changes in our production processes. When forming our production chains and organizing workplaces, we primarily use equipment and technologies that ensure occupational safety in accordance with the requirements of federal, regional and industry legislation, as well as international occupational health and safety standards.

Occupational safety competence of our personne

The occupational health and safety goals can only be achieved by ensuring that all personnel are aware of and follow the prescribed guidelines. That is why the company conducts mandatory regular safety awareness assessments and informs its employees of any changes to occupational health and safety policy.