Why Gotek?

We realize that employment helps everyone in achieving personal goals. Some people are looking to provide for their families and themselves, while others are focused on training and career advancement, pursuit of new projects and public recognition.

We are committed to providing optimal work environment for our employees to facilitate achieving their goals.

  • Become a Leader with us!
    You'll be working at the forefront of the modern marketplace and provided access to cutting-edge tools and technologies.

  • Continue constant growth and development!
    You will acquire new knowledge, experience and skills through engagement in various company projects. We will help in building your career with the help of our personal development programs.

We welcome and encourage initiative and entrepreneurial spirit in our employees, thereby enabling continuous and successful development of the company.

We recognise that team outcomes are achieved only through contribution of all its members.

  • Look ahead with confidence!
    You will enjoy a secure position with competitive rates, as well as a comprehensive social package. Also, you and your family members will be able to take part in the exciting corporate life of the company.

  • Earn extra!
    You can obtain additional pay not only for top performance in occupational activities, but also for your initiatives and active engagement in the public life of the company.