Customer Experience

There are no trifles when it comes to the interaction between the supplier and the consumer of the packaging solutions. Any contact, at whatever level or phase it takes place, should be comfortable, useful and effective
Konstantin Glushenkov
Konstantin Glushenkov

Director of Customer Experience Department

When bringing customer relations to the next level, our key priority is to comply with these requirements. The customer experience for us is based on impressions and results obtained by each employee of a customer company interacting with our enterprises, at all points of contact. Despite our achievements to date, we recognize that this work shall be done on an ongoing basis and over the long term horizon.

Customer experience is a multifaceted concept and it depends on a great number of factors. Nevertheless, we have identified the three most fundamental from our point of view:

Accessibility and efficiency

We create a system, which allows you to get quick consultation on your topic of interest, whatever communication channel you use for this purpose. All appeals will be considered by our specialists and will not be left unanswered.


We do not believe that B2B is based on rational factors. On the contrary, cooperation between companies implies the interaction of a large number of people with their own goals and objectives. Therefore, we are convinced that a user-friendly and comfortable atmosphere in every point of contact with our company is an integral part of mutual understanding and trust.


You get only the result you expect. Or even more. We will not undertake a task if we do not have the resources necessary or cannot solve it in the best possible way. But if we take that responsibility, we will certainly find the optimal solution.

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