Information technology

Day by day, digital and physical resources become more and more inextricably connected
Oleg Artamonov
Oleg Artamonov

Director of IT Department

It is quite obvious that it is due to digital technologies that the speed of data exchange has significantly increased and, consequently, the productivity of the most important business processes has grown and continues to grow. Today, it is impossible to imagine any technological, production or communication chain without digital technologies. Therefore, our objective is to keep abreast of the technological advances and improve the company's value chain, enhancing its competitiveness.

What are we working on?


We strive to turn the basics of Industry 4.0 into reality and to integrate all "smart" machines of the company into a unified information system for their intercommunication. Our goal is to ensure the reliability, speed and security of operations, both internal and external, through the capabilities of modern information systems and with maximum user-friendliness.


The speeding up of certain operations and the whole processes aimed at fulfilling customer requests is one of the key elements of the company's development strategy. We actively use information technology to reduce the response time to customer requests and implement digital solutions in packaging research, development and testing processes.

Seamless integration

We dream of making the entire chain of interaction from our supplier of raw materials to the buyer of our customer seamless and mitigating the human factor and the number of transactions. We believe that the future lies in this, so we already do whatever is necessary to be ready for it.

Interesting proposals consistent with our development concept are welcome
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