Faultless service provision is the basic trust element in our business, which is so essential for advancing cooperation to new levels
Sergey Sbrodov
Sergey Sbrodov

Director of Logistics Department

There are no insignificant factors, so the production and logistics departments of the company work systematically on a daily basis to ensure the packaging supplies in accordance with the growing demands of our customers. Among these factors are: guaranteed high accuracy of supply in the quantities required by the customer; reduction or complete elimination of stock; reduction of storage losses.

All this allows our customers eliminating downtime of their production lines, reducing costs and eliminating the risk of failure to meet obligations to the consumers of their products. And in order to make interaction as comfortable as possible, we actively implement digital technologies. This enables us to ensure that the production process is transparent for all the parties involved, to speed up data exchange, to track the order's status online, and to promptly take the necessary managerial decisions.

Successive reproduction of customer goals is achieved by our team through a combination of competencies in the field of logistics and adherence to the following basic principles:

Focus on customer needs

Qualitatively defined needs/demands of the customer as a whole or a specific department allow to form an customized and more precise solution for the customer.

System approach

The system approach, in contrast to local improvements that do not yield a consistent result, enables optimizing the entire supply chain and ensuring a predictable result for the customer.

Processes digitalization

In today's environment, the volume and speed of changes are increasing. The accuracy of customer requests reproduction is becoming increasingly important. Analogue processes will no longer be able to provide the desired service level in the nearest future. But we have become used to anticipating the future, and that is why the digitalization of our supply chain is not the future for us, it is the present.

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