Procurement of basic raw materials

By changing our approach to working with our customers, we automatically transfer it to our suppliers of raw materials
Yuri Sukmanov
Yuri Sukmanov

Director for Corrugated Division Procurement

We need materials of different quality in order to solve complicated tasks of packaging customers. For this purpose, we are ready to expand our technological cooperation with current suppliers, and we are open to new proposals. We are interested in any innovations that would enable us to provide the best solution for our customers, therefore we are ready to consider any proposals for materials with improved properties and also new materials produced with exclusive formulas previously not used on the market. We are ready for interesting projects with companies which, similar to ours, are interested in continuous development based on circular economy principles, and in search for new ecological and economical solutions.

We develop a relationship culture not only with our customers, but also with our suppliers. That's why the following basic criteria are essential for us when building relationships:


We believe that partnership shall be based on mutual respect of interests and faultless fulfillment of contract obligations. Regardless of the role of a company, the principle of mutual relations remains the same: a reliable customer - a reliable supplier.

Shared interests

Two companies are not likely to find common ground if they have different approaches and principles of conducting business, at least they will hardly be able to reach the level of partner relations. We appreciate cooperation with the companies that think the same way as we do, respond to our needs and are willing to work with us in searching for the best solutions for our customers.

Long-term vision

Changes are speeding up at an ever-increasing rate. The partner company's flexibility and shared vision of market development lines enable us working together in a future-oriented manner. We are looking for companies who are ready to join us in the chain of responses to the challenges our customers are facing all the time. That is why we need partners working for the future while staying focused on realities of today. It is important for us that continuous improvement in the quality of the delivered products and services shall be embedded in the so-called DNA of the supplier company, rather than imposed on it.

Please contact us if you have interesting proposals and you share our ideas and principles
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