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Roman Shibanov
Roman Shibanov

Director of Department for Innovative Development, Technological Expertise and Support of Packaging Processes

We have really succeeded in this area, because for the previous four years we have been efficiently developing and improving all the elements of the system, which enable our customers to efficiently and, what is also important, promptly respond to market challenges, to translate into reality the most daring ideas in packaging solution upgrades. A combination of tools and methods with the teamwork with the customer's specialists reduced the time for the development of packaging solutions by several times. The entire cycle takes only a few hours in the most successful cases.

All this was achieved due to an optimal combination of methods and competencies within the context of 3 standard R&D phases:


Our approach involves a detailed study of product features, its life cycle and packaging functions and their correlation. It is based on the knowledge and skills acquired by our specialists at the Packaging and Conditioning Engineering School (ESIReims, France). A detailed functional specification is prepared with the participation of specialists from the various departments of the customer company prior to issuing the design specifications for the packaging solution. This is the process that is used to capture the needs of each user of packaging and to translate them into the language of functions, because a well defined task is half of the solution.


During prototyping a packaging solution we use all modern tools and technologies available nowadays, and pursue the aim to reduce not only time, but also material resources. Our design engineers have a library of 4000 basic designs at their disposal, and software that enables 3D packaging design. Due to our cooperation with the automation equipment manufacturers, we help our customers not only in choosing packaging lines but also in confirming the right packaging solution and checking the efficiency of the future process. Many unique packaging solutions have come out from "under our pen" for the past 4 years, and patents were issued for 43 of them.


When our customers get the turn-key packaging from us, they can be sure that this solution fully satisfies their expectations, and that we use exactly as much material for the production of packaging as is required for its efficient utilization at all stages of its life cycle. All packaging solutions are tested for their intended functionality and strength in laboratories, both in static and dynamic conditions, simulating all stages of the logistics cycle. Besides, testing of the designed and chosen packaging solution during the packaging line assembly at the production site ensures smooth start-up of the equipment after its installation on site.

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