Strategic Marketing

It is impossible to meet the needs of the market without anticipating a few steps ahead, especially when the course is rapidly changing
Yury Alpeev
Yuri Alpeev

Director for Strategic Marketing

And to be a step ahead, you cannot rely on third-party research and analytics. That is why our company is serious about strategic marketing. We conduct market monitoring and analysis, and forecast its development in the short- and mid-term horizons.

Our analytical reports have earned the trust of the expert community and our major customers. Being experts in the packaging market is not enough to define the company's development paths. To create a customized product for customers, it is necessary to catch signals, sometimes even weak ones, coming from consumer markets. We believe that the success of any business is based on equally quick response to both global challenges and local changes.

What is behind our work?


There is such a term among designers as "visual experience". This is first and foremost experience, which means the ability to grasp and subtly feel the nuances, to pay attention to details. A good analyst must not only have deep knowledge of the market, but also have this kind of "visual experience" in his field. Only in this case he can be considered an expert and draw the right conclusions. We are very responsible about our analytics and forecasts and we are willing to share this knowledge with our partners.


We are not waiting for changes that will adversely affect us and our customers. Our objective is to see the prospects and offer the solutions, perhaps even before you have even thought about changes. After all, the first to see and seize opportunities wins.


The world has become VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity). No matter how accurate the predictions are, the factors that are difficult to forecast can change the situation overnight. It is important for us to timely discern and assess the consequences of the changes and their impact on the company's development in order to timely and accurately adjust our strategy.

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