Operational Efficiency

Developing the production and logistics system of the company we keep the focus on our strategic goals
Александр Ступаков
Aleksandr Stupakov

Deputy General Director - Operations Director

Key directions in the development of our operational model are determined through an in-depth study of customer needs and the individual demands of their employees. For us, improving operational efficiency is not a company project, but a way of shaping the way of thinking and behavior of each employee, aimed at the continuous search for improvement of basic processes. We believe in the power of daily improvement. Using modern technologies, tools and forms of work, we create conditions for a personal interest in the self-development of each individual employee of each enterprise of the Group. Our collective intelligence and the energy of our teams help us to meet our customers' needs with the highest quality in the shortest possible time and with the best possible efficiency.

Improving our operational efficiency is built on the following 3 principles:


It is a catalyst for the development of each employee and team Without it, we might become weaker, which would inevitably hurt our customers.

Continuous Development

This is the basic concept of company stability. Develop, keep the company's values and strategy in focus, and constantly learn.

Mutual aid and mutual motivation

These are communication principles that are formed within the company, become part of the corporate culture and then are organically implemented in communication with our clients. Instruct, develop and reveal the hidden potential of other employees.

The value of each day is the new improvement you have created yourself.

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