Staff Development

Regardless of advances in artificial intelligence, technology and machines, people are still the bearers of the company's values
Irina Bulgakova, Deputy General Director - HR Director
Irina Bulgakova

Deputy General Director - HR Director

They cannot live in two different cultures - inside and outside the company. This is the reason why communication with the outside world is a reflection of the way the employees interact with each other every day, to what extent they are open, competent and willing to help their colleagues. According to our renewed strategy, we have embraced the path of differentiation primarily through expanding “human-to-human” interaction, fostering a creative atmosphere and maintaining the chemistry of human relationships, both inside and outside of the company. We believe such corporate culture to contribute to business success, build up mature teams capable of bringing us and our customers to a new level of relationship development, which ensures the competences, income growth, job satisfaction, as well as satisfaction with the atmosphere of business cooperation.

We are on our way to a new corporate culture and we clearly understand what should be at the heart of it.

Mutual assistance

We seek to create an atmosphere of mutual assistance in our teams. We believe that building internal teams based on the principles of empathy, efficient communication, active listening, and understanding the importance of feedback and timely response to a colleague's request will increase the productivity of teamwork with customers.


Designing a product tailored to meet the needs of internal or external customers cannot be based on a single template, that's why innovation is an integral part of our teams' work. We encourage creativity, initiative and a working environment that stimulates new ideas generation.


Persistence does not mean importunity. It is about persistence in fulfilling our commitments. It means that all our commitments must be not only fulfilled, but also implemented in the best possible manner, with the utmost attention to even the smallest of details, taking full responsibility for the final result. We will not gloss over the issues; we will persistently and constructively search for a resolution of these issues.

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