Nikolay Bokov: “It is necessary to strive to be beneficial to people”.

The most important thing in any successful business are the people, highly qualified professionals and their engagement in their dedicated operations,» - stresses Nikolay Bokov, Head of the Group for design of new packaging solutions at the Corrugated Production Development Department of the Management Company of the Gotek Group branch. «I am grateful to the company for providing me all the opportunities for self-realization. You have to recognize that it is greatly more rewarding to work in a creative environment and comfortable workplace, where the expert knowledge accumulated over many years is essential
Nikolay Bokov

Nikolay Bokov has been working with the Group for over a quarter of a century. During this time, he has transitioned a remarkable journey of development. While he started his career at the Gotek corrugated packaging shop in 1994 as a paper rolls loading operator, since 2016 he has been heading one of the company's most dynamic and innovative divisions - the new packaging solutions design group. By the same token, he considers this position to be the most fruitful milestone. “For me, this responsible and challenging, but very interesting area has become the point for constant self-realization and of professional skills enhancement in a team of like-minded people,” he emphasizes. “Generally, I have always been fortunate with wonderful teams at Gotek Group, with everyone striving for high achievements. The company unites strong, creative and hardworking personalities in an amazing synergy. We have managed to achieve a lot together, and I have been recognized for my achievements time and time again”.

Nikolay continues: “This may sound a bit pompous, but public recognition of my work is inspiring and makes me perform ever more”. He stands behind his words. After all, he boasts a number of successfully completed projects, several patented packaging solutions and awards for distinction under his belt. For instance, in 1996, under his guidance JSC “Gotek” became Russia first to introduce two-color printing on corrugated cardboard, and then pioneered the four-color technology in 2000. In 1998, his team was also nations’ first to introduce screen printing on corrugated cardboard using photopolymer plates.

Nikolay Bokov's success is clearly evidenced by his numerous awards. He has been repeatedly recognized as the Management Company most effective employee. Throughout different years he was awarded diplomas for winning innovation projects contest “Innovation and Invention of the Year”, organized by the Kursk Region Administration in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The development and marketing of packaging solutions with his input, became winning entries in the International contest “WorldStar Packaging Awards – 2016”, held by the World Packers Organization. For the company 50th anniversary he was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Committee of Industry, Transport and Communication of Kursk region. Replying to the question: “What should one do to attain such top-level awards?”, Nikolay answers: “It is necessary to be competent in your area of operations, conscientiously perform entrusted tasks, help your beloved company develop dynamically, and sincerely try to be beneficial to the people”.