Sergey Sbrodov: “To act, not to seem to be”

According to his colleagues, Sergey Sbrodov, the Logistics Department Director at the Management Company branch, definitely represents a highly goal-oriented and responsible professional. This enables him to easily navigate even the most complex managerial and production challenges and successfully climb the career ladder.
Sergey Sbrodov
Sergey Sbrodov

Throughout his life, Sergey Sbrodov has strictly adhered to the profound ancient principle “To act, not to seem to be”. Therefore, in order to achieve top results, he thoroughly delves into all the nuances of the business at hand. This was also the case when he began his career as an apprentice printer in JSC “Gotek” in 1997. That is the reason why the persistent and inquisitive specialist was soon noticed by the management of JSC “Gotek-Print”. Initially appointed as process engineer for preparation of orders in production, he then became production process improvement manager in SBU improvement Department.

However, Sergey’s career, as he freely admits, is not an end goal in itself, but primarily a means of achieving new professional heights, a journey of self-improvement. But then, his entire bio at Gotek Group serves as direct proof of that fact. Notably, Sergey Sbrodov has attained significant achievements during his 23 years of company service.

This was also the case between 2005 and 2012, when Sergey was newly appointed a logistics coordinator of the Logistics Department of JSC "Gotek-Invest". Since 2012, he has been the head of the Department of Development Program Management of the branch at the Management Company of the Group. In March 2019, in order to support the implementation of the differentiation strategy and coordination of all logistic processes to ensure maximum efficiency in processing customer orders from their placement in production to the delivery of complete products, the Logistics Department was established in the structure of the branch of JSC "Management Company of the Gotek Group".

Sergey Sbrodov was appointed its Director as an expert with extensive production and management experience and deep understanding of the company's enterprises specifics.

Sergey Sbrodov notes: “Figuratively speaking, I am a team player, and well aware that overall success of the group consists of the sum total of each employees’ efforts. And if entrusted with an important area of operations, having this confidence, will make me do everything possible and even impossible to achieve the goals”. These words encapsulate the credo of Sergey Nikolayevich Sbrodov – a man, a manager and a professional.